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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Some people in India might find it amusing, but the latest fad in the world is to check out dental clinics, where cosmetic dentistry services are provided. In many places in India, such as in Delhi, there is a strong awareness about the field of cosmetic dentistry. Even dental clinics in Delhi are broadly advertising their services about cosmetic procedures to improve the overall look and appearance of the dentition of people. Cosmetic dentistry is about changing the appearance of the teeth to make the teeth look beautiful, although there might not be major functional changes. From small changes to major surgical repairs, a number of procedures can amount to aesthetic improvement in the looks of the face, especially of the tooth. Plenty of ways are there to improve these looks, possibly by having treatments for misshapen tooth, discolouration, chipping or even missing tooth. Some cosmetic procedures will also require the fitting of braces to shorten the gaps between teeth or surgical manoeuvres to improve the jaw line and shape of the bones. Although, surgical procedures are included in the field of specialised dentistry, in common cases, any Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in Delhi will deal with small changes in the appearance of the teeth.

Dr. Sanjay Arora is a leading Implantologist, Endodontist, Cosmetologist and Occlusal specialist

Dr. Sanjay Arora

Cranio-Sacral TMJ Specialist,
BDS, MDS( Endodontist), Occlusion Specialist, Craniodontist, Neuro Muscular TMJ Specialist,
Epigeneticist, Master Ceramist,
BSc (Physics), New Delhi, India.
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Dr. Sharda Arora is Senior Implantologist and Cosmetologist

Dr. Sharda Arora

Specialty: Implantologist and Cosmetologist
Location: New Delhi, India

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