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T-ScanT-Scan®- Important part of a large Armamentarium with us to cure TMJD, Chronic Body Pains and have some great results in many Chronic body diseases.

Balance your bite and prevent a wide range of dental problems with T-Scan® III technology

Common Complaints that are related to your bite:
  • Headaches
  • Stiffness in the jaw
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Neck or back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Knee pains
  • Sciatica
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Etc.
We have produced some consistent results in
  • TMJD
  • Facial pains
  • Headaches
  • All of the above
  • Tri-geminal neuralgia (5 out of 5 cases)
  • Bone caries ( one out of one case)
  • Oral lichen planus (one out of one case)
  • Diabetes Type 2 (20 out of 20 cases- its not a claim to cure yet, but the results are worth sharing)
  • Kyphosis
  • Allergic upper respiratory conditions
  • Asthma like conditions
  • Fibromyalgia, questionable response.

We offer a 50% deferred payment in a disease where we haven’t produced a result before.

Far too many patients develop common and some not so common dental problems that can actually develop to such severe levels that more complex dentistry is often required (root canals, extractions, replacing brand new crowns, etc.).

Our office has discovered that many of the conditions mentioned above came about through poor occlusion- I have notice this line in many a centers. It makes us smile as you will read below. It’s a wrong claim to our discoveries published from time to time. According to us most dental disorders, even gum disease and oral lichen planus and many medical disorders have a clear link to how your teeth and jaws meet. Those who claim such discoveries don’t forget to ask them for citations in their names.

Occlusion refers to the way your teeth meet when you bite together. Optimally, all your teeth should come in contact with one another at about the same time and with equal force. I also notice this sentence. It makes me laugh. Copy and paste sentence on their web page. Because the same page elsewhere describes this otherwise. Teeth don’t meet simultaneously, or with equal pressure. Isn’t it funny, isn’t it common sense that if they were to do so they would be of same size. You can’t expect a small lateral incisor( side front tooth-the smallest), to compete with first molar for the same load. “When this does not happen, your occlusion is unbalanced and problems may result. Some of the problems may include”: this absurd statement you will find at lot of websites. In fact equal pressure and simultaneous pressure leads to these diseases. There is a engineering pattern, described and published in detail under my name by “Engineered Occluding”, 70% of what I gained, I have no shame in saying I got from Dr Robert Kirstein- an uncelebrated super Hero of digital Occlussal dentistry. I expanded to produce more consistent results. My education in physics at graduation level, additional to what my brother’s get helped me in establishing this.

I know I sound arrogant- but I want to make it clear to the reader, especially if you are a patient that such scientific casualness has not allowed these fields to become recognized. Simply because consistency of results remains poor elsewhere. So following diseases result.

  • Damaged restorations (crowns, bridges)
  • Fractured teeth
  • Receding gums or loose teeth
  • Pain in the teeth, muscles, and jaw joint
  • Nighttime teeth grinding
  • Increased headache and neck pain
  • Greater tooth wear and sensitivity
  • Gum disease.
  • And I mentioned lot of body diseases above.

How can we at Sanora help to balance your bite? Wrong, produce Engineered occluding for you. (You didn’t find much on this term? Because Dr Sanjay Arora authored it, and patient testimonials, including of those who got major to total relief in Diabetes while curing TMJD, qualifies him to give this exciting definition.

A simple Bite Test is very easy and painless. The Bite test will give us digital movies of your occlusion. The digital output will precisely show our Doctors which areas of your bite are too early or too forceful.

Once a bite pattern is evaluated by our Doctors, we evaluate

  • Its effect on your muscles (EMG and TENS), develop an individualized treatment plan. BioEMG III™, QuadraTENS™
  • How does your jaw joint (TMJ), get affected or effects the bite. BioJVA™
  • How does your jaw land? (It has a massive momentum). Engineered Occluding T-Scan® III (partial help), JT-3D™
  • Term coined by Dr Sanjay Arora.
  • What are your Yaw, Pitch and Roll? Special techniques developed by Dr Sanjay Arora. It measures the, twist, forward tilt and a sideways bend of your upper jaw and co-relates with EMG as to the stress it puts on lower jaw and gives an accurate idea as to how to reverse it.
  • What’s the stress on Disc due to that and what direction does it shift. Its been theorized and proved by Dr Sanjay Arora, that a medial displacement or simply put slippage of disc towards inside, that is away from your skin makes it irritate (Kinematic MRI of TMJ can clearly show this) the underlying Neural and Vascular Elements, which are hardly 0.5cm away while the disc can slip up to 1.5cm inside. This hypothesis and subsequent proofs by Dr Sanjay Arora have excited hundreds of doctors world over including physicians and tempting them to think beyond existing paradigms of diseases. BioJVA™
  • What’s the effect of accessory nerve irritation on a Sternocleidomastoid and Trapezius muscle?
  • How did it effect the posture. DIERS formetric 4D

How does the Bite Test work?

We were the first to add in India T-Scan® Occlusal Analysis System to our practice. In fact we started with two and found it to be such a great tool that we went on to buy five. It’s been over five years. Do check the claims by others as to when they bought it. It’s a very tough tool and takes a lot of experience to master. Its not just the only tool, do ask if you land at a fellow brother- how do they ascertain the mandibular landing angle. Do they have a jaw tracker? Also, how do they measure Yaw, Pitch and Roll? Do they have a tool for that? Mostly they may fumble or answer will be no. Ask for interviews of cured body pain patients. Ask to speak to such patients. We will provide you over 500 such numbers if you shall so need. T-scan, merely doesn’t just set occlusion (fit) right but can be very helpful in curing many chronic body pains and certain other diseases with the help of jaw tracker, joint vibrational analyzer, Electro-Myography with synchronization software from T-Scan ( costs separately- and allows T-scan and EMG to be done together, co-ordinated at a milli-second level), TENS, from Bio-Pak and Mat Scan from Tek Scan ( manufacturing house of T Scan), Add to it help from Isometrics from DIERS Biomedical Solutions from Head to Toe a wonderful adjunct(DIERS 4Dmotion® Dynamic Spine and Posture analysis. for producing a success rate of over 97%. Don’t forget to watch collage of our cured cases over years of Chronic Migraines, Cervical Spondolittis, Shoulder, Back, Knee and Sciatica Pains. You may get tired of watching so many of them cured and the joy on their faces. If not there are hundreds and hundreds more. Don’t forget, while you are watching the collage to see the interview by India’s top Medical Institute’s Director acknowledging the abilities of manipulating the TMJ system to cure lots of chronic body pains. If not satisfied watch that girl with massive hunch back, going straight, don’t miss the joy of that boy with bone decay-living free of symptoms and medications now for years. We have people’s interviews who gave up wheel chairs, and behold some twenty odd with hundred percent success rate –whose Diabetes vanished during incorporation of improvised measurements from CT-Scan into their dental bite, by Dr Sanjay Arora. He is lovingly addressed by some colleagues and patients as a magician. Indeed its his vision that brought Neuro-Muscular and Cranio-Sacral Dentistry into the country.

The T-Scan is a diagnostic device that allows us to better analyze and adjust your bite (occlusion) and prevent problems! You simply bite down on a thin sensor and the software displays the timing of contacts and levels of force in a dynamic movie. It will show your bite from beginning to end and all that is happening in between. This will allow us to immediately visualize problem areas before you leave the office that day.

Advanced Computer Functional Analysis

Successful diagnosis and treatment of your condition require state-of-the-art technology. We use the only computerized bite test that can accurately and objectively measure your occlusion/bite.

Contact us today to see if a Bite Test is right for you!


Many problems can arise from an unbalanced bite and can cause a great deal of pain for a patient if left untreated. Patients suffer for a long time without realizing that their pain could be easily fixed through Occlussal adjustment wrong, actually Engineered Occluding, which involves Occlussal adjustment too Occlussal adjustment can be subtractive ( Occlussal Equilibration), that is involves shaving off your tooth structure, which Dr Sanjay Arora is very much against or Constructive- Adding what’s lost or was absent. Constructive adjustment or Rehabilitation can be with Composite ( A total No) or with Ceramic (A total Yes as it mimics natures hardness). A patient experiencing headaches, stiffness in the jaw, sensitive teeth, or neck and back pain should have their dentist check their bite for any problems and all of the above. Restorations and crowns can change the bite and can lead to problems if the bite is not equilibrated correctly. Using the T-Scan technology and plethora of tools listed above gives Dr. Sanjay Arora and his team a telescopic look at the bite and structures along with an analysis of the problem areas causing a patient pain. Dr. Sanjay Arora has adopted all these new technologies, into his practice to help with diagnosis and treatment of dental occlusion.

The T-Scan is a small hand held device which quickly analyzes the bite and displays the information on a computer. Dr. Sanjay Arora and his team has been able to reduce the exam time for patients as well as accurately diagnose problem areas with complete confidence. T-Scan not only helps to diagnose where problem areas of a patients bite are but the T-Scan also helps patients to more clearly understand what is causing their pain and how it can be fixed.

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Technology and Bite Dynamics™

We were many years ahead in India to add T-Scan Occlusal Analysis system to our dental practice. This unique diagnostic device allows us to quantify how hard or the sequence of the teeth coming together. The T-Scan can quickly determine prematurity’s, high points, regions of excessive force, Occlussal interferences and evaluate potential trauma.

T-Scan, TMJ Treatment In Delhi, Chronic Body Pains Treatment In Delhi
before treatment

T-Scan, TMJ Treatment with T-Scan, Craniosacral TMJ Specialist Delhi, TMJ Disorder Treatment in Delhi
after treatment

Our Practice Specializes in:

By providing objective information on occlusion, the T-Scan helps our practice make more thorough evaluations. This additional information is especially helpful in complex cases that are more difficult to treat using standard visual techniques.

Patient Education

TMJ Specialist in Delhi, Chronic Body Pains Treatment In Delhi, TMJ Treatment with T-ScanAs the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The clear, colorful on-screen images provided by T-Scan help patients better understand their diagnoses, so they feel happy and confident in their treatment plans. We can quickly point out problem areas and help them to better understand the treatment plan.

TMJ Treatment In Delhi, TMJ Treatment with T-Scan, Craniosacral TMJ Specialist Delhi, TMJ Disorder Treatment in DelhiHow can we help?

The ability to measure the timing and force of a patient’s bite is critical when it comes to assessing oral health and the efficiency of treatment.

Do you have a patient that suffers from any of the following symptoms?

  • TMD/Headaches
  • Neck or back pain
  • Stiffness in the jaw
  • Sensitive teeth

How It Works

A T-Scan exam is easy and painless. The patient will bite down on a disposable sensor while the computer analyzes and displays timing and force data in vivid, full-color 3-D or 2-D graphics.
The software graphically displays both forceful and time premature contacts for predictable occlusal control during adjustment procedure. The system will produce documentation (pre, mid, and post treatment) that we will share with your office and print out for your patient records.

T-Scan® Occlusal Analysis System

A Referral Program to Help Improve Oral Health

The T-Scan system is a diagnostic device that measures force and timing of dental occlusion.

Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help assess your patient’s bite and get to the root of the problem.

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