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What is Dental Implant?

Even with the regular dental care, people will have problems in their oral cavities, which can lead to the loss of tooth or more than one tooth. Gingivitis, tooth decay, or accidents and injuries can be common causes. Sometimes, large scale surgeries in the facial region can lead to dental problems. Reasons for tooth loss could be many and these are seen in clinical dentistry practice in large numbers these days.

When a tooth is lost, it has to be removed from its base or roots. As a result, there will be absence of the tooth from its place. Sometimes, accidents lead to the breaking of the root, while in decays, the root has to be removed because it is completely eroded. In order to fill in the place of the lost tooth, dental implant is the modern method of artificial replacements for natural tooth or roots in India. They are considered to be alternatives to partial or full bridges or even for dentures. Dentist in Delhi offers to provide these surgical processes of implant dentistry to put in new prosthesis in requisite patients. In a way, the dental implant will work like a tooth, providing more stability and strength than dentures. Not only teeth implants help in returning your ability to chew and smile like before, they also improves the facial appearance.

Morphologically, a dental implant is a cylindrical or screw like anchor, which is fixed into the upper or lower jaws, depending on the tooth loss. By surgical method in dental implant clinic in India, it is inserted into the bone and provides a stable base for the artificial tooth. In other words, the teeth implants now act as the root of the tooth and crown or the denture or the bridge can be placed on this implant and create a naturally looking tooth in complete shape and size.

Dental implant doesn’t require removal everyday or in small intervals, or cleaning in certain solutions. They will remain fixed to the bone for years together. This feels like a natural tooth with roots, without any alterations in the adjacent teeth. Surgical methods dental implantologist in dental implant clinic in India are required to fit in the implant, which can be done in different sittings. The manner, in which the surgical implant dentistry process is undertaken, depends much on the type of implant and the general condition of the jaw bone. For the implant to get fixed properly there will be time required for the bone around it to heal. Depending on this, it may take a few weeks or some months for the process to be over. But, at the end of it all, you have real looking teeth without feeling anything wrong in the oral cavity, which is not the case with braces because these braces constantly make the presence felt for a foreign object.

Dr. Sanjay Arora is a leading Implantologist, Endodontist, Cosmetologist and Occlusal specialist

Dr. Sanjay Arora

Cranio-Sacral TMJ Specialist,
BDS, MDS( Endodontist), Occlusion Specialist, Craniodontist, Neuro Muscular TMJ Specialist,
Epigeneticist, Master Ceramist,
BSc (Physics), New Delhi, India.
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Dr. Sharda Arora is Senior Implantologist and Cosmetologist

Dr. Sharda Arora

Specialty: Implantologist and Cosmetologist
Location: New Delhi, India

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