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Paediatric Dentistry

Under the paediatric stream of dentistry, we provide a wide range of comprehensive treatments for various dental problems of children starting from infants to the adolescents. They also ascertain the timing or teeth eruptions to the impaction occurring in grown up children. Some of the paediatric dentistry treatment Delhi also pertains to providing advice to the parents about various aspects of dental care in children. These specialists of child dental care in Delhi have the expertise to recognise a wide range of deformities, diseases and possible problems with dentition in paediatric age group. In Indian set up, fluoride problems in tooth development are found in plenty, leading to decay and discolouration. Early childhood caries and dental extraction is also done in our clinics. Highly advanced methods of dental root canal treatments are also provided to the paediatric patients in child dental care clinic in India. For handling paediatric patients, with dental problems, there has to be special skills, so that people can choose to go for treatments in such clinics.

Services provided by paediatric dentists

Vast range of services in kids dentistry New Delhi is possible to be availed in children dental clinic Delhi, where these dentists have their clinics, with all the required facilities for even emergencies. A lot of parents arrive at our clinic with complaints of unhygienic conditions of their children. The core of our services is based on counselling and providing the required treatments at the child dental care clinic. Even though infants are not afflicted with dental problems, we give advices on the proper oral care for these toddlers, so that they have healthy and strong teeth in the future.

  1. We do a detailed assessment of the dental health of the child and come up with solutions for caries in the child. Our paediatric dentists are on this job, with detailed advice to the mothers about handling the oral cavity hygiene.
  2. When required, our practitioners of paediatric dentistry treatment Delhi offer fluoride treatments and cleansing procedures. Diet and nutritional requirements are provided as advice to the mothers.
  3. In infants, there are certain habits like thumb sucking and pacifier use, which needs to be controlled properly. Our dentists give out necessary advice on controlling these habits and the required medications to keep the oral cavities clean.
  4. Orthodontic treatments are also provided by our paediatric dentists in India, where they correct improper bite and straighten the teeth, as per the case basis.

By visiting our clinic, you can be assured that the dentition of your child will be taken care of from a very early age.

Oral conditions are often related with the general systemic diseases like diabetes, asthma, COPD, hay fever and heart defects. These cases are also handled by our clinic in Delhi, where the experts of kids dentistry New Delhi give advice on various aspects of taking care of the dentition. Any surgical intervention is also done by the assistance of oral and maxillofacial surgeons and other team of doctors.

Repairing the root canal defects and cavities is a normal thing in the clinic in India, where the dentists are prepared with all the instruments to handle these cases. Gum diseases and ulcers are also checked and proper medications prescribed for people. Various other conditions are also dealt such as short frenulae, mucoceles, periodontal diseases and problems of eruption of teeth. Additionally, any trauma injuries in children are also corrected by assessment of child dental care clinic in Delhi and this is done in collaboration with other required fields of dentistry and surgery.

Costs of paediatric dentistry consultations

Most of the cases of paediatric dentistry treatment Delhi are attended to in the Out Patient Departments. In the younger age group, there is need to have proper consultation and advisory role of the dentists in Delhi and other children dental clinic Delhi. For this reason, the cost is not a big issue as patients can pay for the consultations. In case of interventions in form of surgery, extraction, orthodontics and few other dental issues, the charges can be more because a number of other dentists in India are also involved. Sometimes, these cases are handled by surgeons in our clinics, where operation theatres are also there and hence the charges can be a bit more, but these are economical than other setups in dental clinics in India.

Best care for children by paediatric dentistry

Lots of parents are in a doubt when it is a matter of their children’s dentition. They visit any dentist with a clinic in India and seek advice. It is only a paediatric dentist present in our children dental clinic Delhi, who can give the best form of advice and recognise the diseases specific to children. For this reason, there has been a rising trend in the modern days, to visit the paediatric dentists. This allows people to learn the best possible ways to take care of the teeth and oral cavity of their children.