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Implant Dentures

With more and more dentists in India getting trained on implant procedures, implant dentures are becoming common. These are also preferred by people because they want permanent solutions, rather than the need to take out the dentures every night. Implant dentures are also quite strong and can be used to chew hard food. Putting these in place will require the expertise of dentist in Delhi, so that the implants are put in the jaw bone and then the dentures are cemented over these implants.

Dr. Sanjay Arora is a leading Implantologist, Endodontist, Cosmetologist and Occlusal specialist

Dr. Sanjay Arora

Cranio-Sacral TMJ Specialist,
BDS, MDS( Endodontist), Occlusion Specialist, Craniodontist, Neuro Muscular TMJ Specialist,
Epigeneticist, Master Ceramist,
BSc (Physics), New Delhi, India.

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Dr. Sharda Arora is Senior Implantologist and Cosmetologist

Dr. Sharda Arora

Specialty: Implantologist and Cosmetologist
Location: New Delhi, India

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