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Satisfied customers speak about their treatment and vouch for the outstanding quality and expertise of the specialist doctors at Zental Dental Clinic in their dental testimonials.


I have seen a lot of dentists in my life, but I never experienced such a dedication & care to get the ultimate product & satisfaction for the patient and that too at a fraction of price.

Mr. Karl Heinz Scientologist, UK


Experience full of fun, competence & care and we’ve been referring one patient after another to them. My dentist Dr. Muntazir Ali at Harrow and Heathrow is very satisfied with my treatment in India at Zental Dental Centre by Dr. Arora & supports Zental Dental in U.K.

Sarita Sabharwal Radio & TV Presenter, UK

Zental Dental Clinic in New Delhi
Zental Dental Clinic in New Delhi

Dear Dr. Sanjay,

on the treatment… following is the sequence of events / feedback, so you know :

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I was referred by my dentist from U.K. Dr. Ali and some relatives to Dr. Arora at Zental Dental, when I wanted more cost effective & equally competitive treatment & thats what I got.

S P Jain Ticketing & Aviation, UK


Whenever I needed support the entire team at Zental Dental was there even treating me at my hotel room. I think the treatment was very competent and cost effective. I visited them twice and referred lot of friends.

Ms. Gisela Scientologist, UK


I would like to thank you for the good work doctors at Zental have done on my teeth, it’s good to have a dentist that gives you personal touch and takes time to explain what they are doing and makes you feel at ease.

Shalini & Raj Gupta Estridge Regent Strt, London


I treat a lot of rich & famous Indians at my facility in Harrow & Healthrow & I was initially hesitant to send my patients for implants to India because some wanted to see the level of known how doctors at Zental exhibited. I now support in U.K. for back end operations.

Dr Muntazir Ali Dental practice, Heathrow


Oh we’d lot of fun touring, shopping and getting my treatment done. Even stayed at the doctor’s house. Visited India second time for mine and my daughter’s treatment. We saved lot of money at Zental Dental, New Delhi.

Tatjana Kunze New Delhi, India