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Zoom Teeth Whitening Process Philips Zoom teeth-whitening system — which focuses on fighting the signs of dental aging and the effects of tooth discoloration — offers light-based treatment at the dentist’s office and topical application at home. In either case, Zoom focuses on customization — even the at-home products are custom-molded to your teeth, so the first step of the process is a trip to the dentist’s office.

At the Office

At the dentist’s office, the dentist first examines your teeth to make sure you’re a good candidate for Zoom teeth whitening. If you proceed, the dentist treats your teeth with a light-activated hydrogen peroxide gel. An ultraviolet light apparatus, the Zoom WhiteSpeed, breaks the peroxide down, encouraging penetration. During the treatment, both you and the dentist wear protective eyewear and a shield isolates the light beam to focus directly on your teeth. The ultraviolet light device features variable intensity settings, which the dentist calibrates based on your needs and sensitivity level. The dentist applies this light treatment in three 15-minutes cycles. After this non-invasive treatment, you’re free to go about your day’s activities as usual.

Home Treatments

To use the at-home versions of Zoom — your choice of NiteWhite or DayWhite, which you can use apart from or in conjunction with the WhiteSpeed in-office treatment — your dentist first takes upper and lower impressions of your teeth to create customized trays. You apply the amorphous calcium phosphate whitening gels to the trays and wear them in your mouth, waiting about 4 to 6 months after the WhiteSpeed treatment, if you’ve had one. The DayWhite system requires two daily applications of 30 minutes each while the more intense NiteWhite system can be worn overnight or for 4 to 6 hours at a time, each over the course of one to two weeks. Philips offers these kits in different intensity levels to suit various whitening needs, so pay close attention to your dentist’s instructions before applying at-home treatment, as your kit is personalized.

Touching Up Your Teeth

The Zoom Pen serves as a quick touch-up treatment between in-office and at-home Zoom applications. This pen contains hydrogen peroxide-based whitener, which you apply by pressing the tip of the pen against the area of the tooth you wish to whiten and clicking the button on top of the pen. After applying a thin, even layer of the whitener, avoid eating or drinking for about 30 minutes.

More to Consider

According to Philips, one in-office Zoom treatment results in up to eight shades of whitening within 45 minutes; the at-home kits offer similar results over the course of one to two weeks. As your teeth continue to age or you regularly consume discoloring agents such as coffee or soft drinks, the whiteness of your teeth may fade. For best results with in-office Zoom whitening, get a professional teeth cleaning at least a few weeks before the treatment.

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